Chandra Bubbles

A visualization of the first 15 years of proposals approved for the Chandra Space Telescope

D3, Javascript

Pack Weight

A simple Javascript pack weight calculator

HTML, CSS, JS, Responsive Design

Developer's Toolbox

PHP-driven application for generating data and passwords.

Laravel, PHP, HTML, CSS, Responsive Design

X-ray Surveyor Website

Website for a science workshop held in DC, Oct 2015.

JQuery, JS, HTML, CSS, Responsive Design

HRXS 2015

Website for a conference on High-Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy

HTML, CSS, JS, Responsive Design

Chandra Data Tables

A better way to list all of Chandra's observed targets.


Review Helper

A tool for visualizing time allocations for the Chandra Space Telescope.

D3, Javascript, PHP, Databases

The Crystal Beth

Crystal Beth is a comedienne in NYC.

Wordpress, Responsive Design